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Vision & Mission





To positively impact each child’s life in a way that propels them to reach their potential and thrive in life.



To inspire and empower children living in at-risk communities to dream BIG and believe they can achieve anything in life by exposing them to safe, fun, interactive, recreational, and educational learning environments.


Sheila Grantham
Christian Solorzano
Vivianna Goh
La Tisha (L.T.) Clayton
Karina Hernandez
Sheila Grantham

Sheila Grantham

Founder, Director

Sheila is a former pre-school Owner and Director, early childhood educator and mentor. Sheila is a dynamic leader, 20+ years early childhood Educator and two time Breast Cancer survivor with a strong vision to educate, enrich, inspire and uplift youth. Throughout the years, she has mentored and cared for children in addition to her own child to provide extra support primarily to single parents. Her goal is to continue to inspire children and positively impact their lives through Adventures to Dreams.

“I truly believe that youth need to be enriched through education, cultural diversity and mentorship experiences. These are essential to their growth, development and reaching their full potential in life. Adventures to Dreams makes a positive difference in the lives of the youth we serve!”

Motto: “When you listen, you learn!”

Christian Solorzano

Christian Solorzano


Christian Solorzano is a sophomore attending California State University, Long Beach. Being a major in photography, he enjoys photographing the world every day and viewing things through different perspectives. Mistakes are his treasure because he believes process is more important than outcome.

“Adventures to Dreams has helped me grow both socially and systematically. This program is extraordinary in a way that allows children ages 4-13 to touch upon things that will never be taught in school settings and in turn flourish their curiosities. From gardening to cooking, to science experiments and other mind-enriching activities; I am glad to be a part of this fast-growing organization and overall in pleasure to be framing unique moments during our adventures.”

Vivianna Goh

Vivianna Goh

Garden Administrator

Vivianna Goh is a Social Ecology PhD student at University of California, Irvine, and plans to pursue a career in public policy and urban planning. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and Food Administration from CSULB. As Garden Administrator, Vivianna helps direct volunteers, organize activities, and assist Ms. Sheila in program operations.

“The kids love growing and eating their own food, interacting with each other, and learning about art and science. Adventures to Dreams encourages everyone to dream big, even the families and volunteers! I love this program because everyone involved gets to learn from each other.”

La Tisha (L.T.) Clayton

La Tisha (L.T.) Clayton

Program Assistant

L.T. is Sheila’s daughter. She is a Content Creator specializing in producing promotional videos, documentaries and project management for clients worldwide. She has a Sociology degree from Sacramento State University and a Film Production degree from Sacramento City College. As a result of her Mom’s positive influence – strong emphasis on education, exposure to diverse cultures and travel throughout childhood – she has a deep appreciation for learning, has traveled to various parts of the world and loves connecting with people from diverse backgrounds.

“My Mom has been a firm education advocate all my life. She believes it is the only way an individual stands a chance at reaching their potential. She also believes in exposing children to different cultures and environments so they can develop a well rounded view of our world and not be limited by a single view or experience – this is exactly her aim in developing Adventures to Dreams. My Mom is amazing! I am thankful for her love and sacrifice in raising me! She is a blessing in the life of everyone exposed to her good will.”

Karina Hernandez

Karina Hernandez


Karina is a first-generation college student and is currently pursuing a marketing degree at CSULB. During her free time, she loves volunteering and giving back to her community. She seeks to inspire the youth to become who they aspire to be.

“Adventures to Dreams Enrichment strives to help kids flourish and achieve their dreams. The center focus of this program revolves around a garden. With this garden, they are able to see the tangible impact they can have in this world. Simply planting a seed and watching it grow can serve as a reminder that their minds will also constantly grow and evolve.”


I am a second-year criminal justice administration major at CSUDH. I volunteered with Adventures to Dreams and was able to interact with many different children. They all come from different backgrounds, but a garden unites them. All the children are eager to learn and participate during the planned activities. This program allows the kids to work collectively as a team all while learning new things!

Julissa Magana, Volunteer

Julissa Magana, Volunteer

My children love Adventures to Dreams Enrichment Program! They are constantly talking about the things they’ve learned and always looking forward to the next activity. Ms. Sheila is wholeheartedly passionate about making a difference in our kids’ lives and the community!

La Toya Wilburn, Parent

La Toya Wilburn, Parent

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We are a non-profit organization. We operate on resources from multiple sources. When you make a donation (monetary, volunteer or material), you are helping Adventures to Dreams provide the necessary resources to ensure we can provide an enriching experience for the youth in our program. You can be assured that your contribution will make a positive and lasting impact in the lives of these children, their families and the community!

We like to build mutually beneficial relationships. We appreciate ALL of our donors and we want to help support you too. Please let us know how! We are all about community and paying it forward. We accept monetary, in-kind donations and other resources. Your gifts of time, services, and material items help offset costs and allow us to focus funds on programming for our children! Supporters of our general fund truly help keep our cup “full.” For more information, please contact us.

If you would like to help support our program by making a monetary donation we accept via PayPal. A fast, secure, and convenient way to submit credit card payments online. When you are ready to submit your donation click the Donate button below. You will be directed to the PayPal website where you can make a secure credit card payment either with or without using a free PayPal account. After submitting your donation, you will be sent a confirmation email along with a receipt. For more information about PayPal security please view their Safety and Security page.

Adventures to Dreams is a Nonprofit 501c3 organization, all donations are tax deductible. Please contact us to acquire our federal tax ID for donations.

Wish List

  • facilities for classroom instruction including cooking lessons
  • transportation (passenger vans)
  • gas cards
  • gift cards
  • educational tools and materials (i.e. books, laptops, tablets, games, digital projector, art supplies, science etc.)
  • professional guest speakers
  • instructors
  • mentors
  • volunteers

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2020 Calendar

We are in the garden from 10 am – 3 30 pm every 3rd Saturday. Lunch and Snacks always served. Busy hands and Busy Minds 4 -14 yrs.


     Peace and Blessings to all of you in 2020

        Our New Location Drake Chavez Greenbelt 10,000 square feet, at 903-999 Fairbanks Ave. 90813. Look for Painted Murals when you arrive. There is plenty of parking!!! freeway 710 South exit Anaheim east to Magnolia Rt. go to 9th street Rt. stay on 9th to Fairbanks Rt. (easy directions)

        Tee Shirts Must Be Worn At All Adventures!!

    JANUARY  2020

Friday 3rd Long Beach Aquarium Adventure 10 45 am – 1 pm. (Lunch at Bubble Gumps 1 30pm. Children $10.00)

Ms. Sheila G. Birthday 27th 


1. Saturday 15th Our new garden preview is 12noon-2pm All parents must stay for this sneak peek of our new garden location. For direction enter into your phones Drake Chavez Greenbelt soccer field 90813- Look for painted murals. Lunch will be served. A parent meeting while adventure kids explore their new adventure.

MARCH 2020

  1.  Saturday 14th building garden beds, having fun, and eating. Parents will be setting up the food/water stations. Home Depot and Lowes will be assisting us. 10 am – 3 30 pm PLEASE BE ON TIME AND PLAN STAYING THE ENTIRE TIME.
  2.  Saturday 21st Building garden beds and Planting seeds for our summer harvest over 50 packages of seeds will be planted by our adventure kids. C U there 10 am – 3 30 pm PLEASE BE ON TIME AND PLAN STAYING THE ENTIRE TIME

APRIL 2020

  1. Garden Adventure 4th building garden beds and planting seeds. 10 am – 3 30 pm.
  2. Garden Adventure 18th Building garden beds, planting seeds, and Scavenger Hunt in the garden     10 am – 3 30 pm.

MAY 2020 

  1. Garden Adventure Saturday Gardening, Art and Surprise! 10 am – 3 30 pm

Garden Adventure Volunteers are always Welcome 9 am-noon OR 12 30 pm – 3 30 pm at least 10 each shift.  Please Be On Time!

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terima_kasihSheila Grantham, Founder& Director

Email: sheilag@adventurestodreams.org

P.O. BOX 2045
Long Beach, Ca 90801

Phone: 562-233-6223

Facebook: Adventurestodreamsenrichment

Twitter: @Adventure_Dream

Instagram: @adventurestodreams


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Non-Profit Organization

Adventures to Dreams is a Nonprofit 501c3 organization, all donations are tax deductible. Please contact us to acquire our federal tax ID for donations.