Founded in 2015

_DSC0061 (2)Adventures to Dreams Enrichment Program is an organization dedicated to providing education, local and regional adventures, mentorship and an unwavering commitment to dreaming BIG. The organization was founded in 2015 by Ms. Sheila Grantham, a former pre-school Owner and Director, early childhood educator and mentor. Sheila is a dynamic leader, 20+ years early childhood Educator and two time Breast Cancer survivor with a strong passion to educate, enrich, inspire and uplift the lives of youth who live in at-risk communities and face life uncertainties on a daily basis. As a Head Start educator in Imperial Courts (2014-15), a federally subsidized housing project located in Watts, Los Angeles, CA, and predominantly inhabited by persons of African-American and secondarily Latino descent, she observed a need for a Saturday enrichment program that provides a positive outlet for the youth living there. Sheila was inspired by a student age 4.5 who told her that he and his siblings were not allowed to go outside on the weekends because his mother said it was unsafe.

_DSC0135Imperial Courts is plagued with violence, drugs, teenage pregnancy and limited community resources. It’s residents are kept “safe” with metal bars on their windows and doors to “protect” them from their immediate environment. A lot of the parents do not allow their children outside to play in fear of their safety. The youth are exposed to an at-risk environment and oftentimes do not reach their life potential because of their unfortunate circumstances.

Adventures to Dreams Enrichment is a vital resource for the children, families and communities we serve. Our target communities span from Los Angeles to Long Beach.

We believe in shaping children to be well rounded and prepared for their futures!